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Holden Binders offer the best quality in personalized binders on the internet. We take pride in our superior designs and durable material that will last you a lifetime. Our customized three ring binders come in different styles along with different 3-ring sections for optimal usage and longer wear on your paper and binder. We have three different types of rings to choose from, round ring, d-shaped ring, and slanted-d ring. The slanted-d shaped ring offers ideal paper movement, minimal stress on paper, and 480 sheet capacity. All of our custom binders come with all three ring options. Our binders are made from strong, durable materials:

Poly binders: Our poly binders have a lightweight design and flexible to go where you need to. These binders are resistant to oil, grease, water and dirt, perfect for industrial environments.

Vinyl binders: Vinyl binders are the number one preferred binder by our customers because they are the most cost effective option for our custom binders. Our vinyl binders are available in numerous colors, providing you the most options for your design.

Trojan binders: Also referred to as post binders, these binders are designed for large capacity storage of price lists and catalogs. Trojan binders can also be expanded to hold even more for your company. The turned edge construction of this binder makes it more durable than other binders, which is needed for its high capacity.

Clear View binders: With clear view binders you can create your own personalized binders by sliding your printed design into the clear view sleeve. These binders are preferred by our customers because they are inexpensive, yet are made from quality materials. Even though you can create your own design, these binders are available in three different colors, giving you more options for your design.

Laminated Paper binders: These binders provide optimal design options because of the laminated paper material. Laminated paper binders are just as durable as the standard vinyl binder and provide you with a large storage capacity. Our binders are offered in a variety of gauges, sizes, styles, and a four color process, for a clearer, crisp design.

Eco-friendly binders: Our eco-friendly binders are the pride of our company because we make these binders from 100% sustainable resources. These binders can be the custom binders that your company needs to go green in the office.

All of our binders are made from heavy-duty materials and provide you with as many options to give you the custom binder you want. Not only do we specialize in binders, but we offer binder accessories. We also provide customized index tabs to create a cohesively designed binder. There are also three different sized rulers, for companies who require the right measurements for their business. Holden Binders takes great pride in their quality binders. With over twenty-five years of experience we know how to create the perfectly personalized binders just for you. You can get your free quote today, simply call or contact us by email for your free quote. We guarantee you won't be disappointed with your custom binders from Holden Binders.